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Sunrise Fisheries  
  Sunrise Fisheries provides local bait shops in Southeast Arkansas with Golden Shiners and Pink Fathead minnows.

   Our minnows are vated and cleaned up before delivery to our dealers to assure longer survival , greater fishing enjoyment and success.

Sunrise Fisheries is a full service Arkansas pond management company with experience in planning and maintaining all types of ponds. Jerry and Joey Williamson have over 50 years experience in providing service and products to their customers.
Sunrise Fisheries provides pond and lake management and consultation services with on-site recommendations for the best use of your pond or lake.  Whether you are an Arkansas fish producer or have an ornamental water site, we can help you keep it operating at its peak performance. The result of good Arkansas fish pond management is a successful fish crop year after year. Some of the keys to successful pond management are good clean water, adequate plant growth and proper ratio of fish.
We carry a large variety of fish and a complete line of products to assist you in realizing maximum enjoyment from your pond or lake.  Let Sunrise Fisheries provide you the keys to successful Arkansas fish pond management while you relax and enjoy your pond.
Serving the Arkansas - Mississippi - Lousiana
Contact: Jerry Williamson
telephone:  870-265-1205
2447 N, Lakeshore Dr.
Lake Village, Arkansas  71653
e-mail: jerry@sunrisefisheries.com
or: jeraldwilliamson@sbcglobal.net

Contact: Jerry Williamson - 2447 N. Lakeshore Dr. , Lake Village, Arkansas - 870-265-1205

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